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My Commute: a step-by-step guide

Adam Fraser Published by Adam Fraser August 03, 2012


My Commute: a step-by-step guide


Adam Fraser Published by Adam Fraser August 03, 2012

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To ensure you get to your destination in super-quick time, My Commute was recently delivered to Nokia Lumia via the latest Nokia Drive update. While this is currently being rolled out in the United States, the feedback Nokia receives will go on to improve the service and see more releases around the world.

Download Nokia Drive now

  1. Press the Search button on your Nokia Lumia and then tap Vision
  2. Scan the barcode
  3. Tap on the link when it appears on the screen
  4. Install the application from the Windows Phone Marketplace

As most people’s journey times to and from work occur at the same time each day, the roads at these times can become congested. Rush hour is the bane of many people’s lives and My Commute aims to help you avoid it.

My Commute takes live traffic data from local authorities and also from all Nokia Drive users, including other Nokia Lumia, Nokia N9 and Symbian users. It’s then delivered it to your Nokia Lumia smartphone. Your phone knows where you are using your GPS and My Commute with Nokia Drive uses that live traffic data to automatically find you an alternative route if an accident occurs up ahead, or if there’s a traffic jam. You don’t have to do anything other then follow the route and you’re at work in time for the daily meeting or home in time for dinner.

Because it’s only available in the US at the moment, it’s left some unanswered questions. The main question being “how does it work?” For the curious – or impatient – among you, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to use My Commute in Nokia Drive.

Once you’ve installed and opened the new version of Nokia Drive, you’ll be prompted to setup My Commute. If for some reason this doesn’t happen or you accidentally skip the process, follow these steps: Settings > My Commute > Perform the Quickstart setup. Let’s crack on with the rest of the walk-through.

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As My Commute is designed to navigate you through your daily driving commute in record time, you’ll be asked to create your starting point for your journey. Seeing as most of us set off to work from home every day, select your home address in field 1.

My Commute define home My Commute define work

The next vital piece of information to fill into field 2 is to input is your work address.

Then, field 3 is where you’ll tell My Commute what time you typically leave your house in the morning, and also what time you leave work to return home.

My Commute define time My Commute confirm

Once you’ve created your commute route hit the pin to start button at the bottom. This will make your everyday journey to the office much easier and quicker.

My Commute Live Tile

The My Commute Live Tile will now sit on your home screen and will do nothing for most of the day. It only springs into action an hour before you’re due to leave the house or office. The Live tile will let you know if there are any problems on the journey and inform you if you need to adjust your travelling time.

The best bit about My Commute is that you can program as many Commutes as you want or need. With My Commute you can create one route manually using the steps above, or if you require more routes your phone can learn them automatically. You simply have to drive there, and My Commute learns. But for a commute to be automatically added, you need to drive there twice.

In future when you make a journey your phone will know what journey you’ll be taking because of your current location and the time of day you’ll be there.

My Commute learns from each and every journey you take. It’s always looking for quicker and easier routes for you to take, so the more you use it, the better it gets. We’d suggest that even if you know the journey like the back of your hand, set up My Commute and have it study your journey for you; you might be surprised if it can find you a new, faster route.

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You can use My Commute in other scenarios, too, not just to and from work. It’s for any regular journey. You may drive your kids to football practice every Friday night – use My Commute. You might take a yoga class out of town twice a week – use My Commute. You may even be a truck driver delivering goods to the same place day in, day out – use My Commute

With your help, use and feedback, My Commute will be used to create the best driving-experience not just for yourself, but for everybody else who uses it.

Are you in the USA and used My Commute yet? Let us know how you’re getting on with it and if it’s got you to your destination on time, one week on from it being released, in the comments section below.

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