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Here: community reaction

Joe Moring Published by Joe Moring November 14, 2012


Here: community reaction


Joe Moring Published by Joe Moring November 14, 2012

See what the tech community thinks about the future of mobile maps, right here...

Last night our new Nokia mapping service ‘Here‘ launched in San Francisco. If you’re completely unaware of this then I recommend you head here to find out more about the next generation of location services.

In a nutshell we’ve renamed our location services ‘Here’ and laid out the vision for the future of mobile maps, available for Nokia Windows Phone, iOS (pending Apple approval), Android and Firefox OS (coming soon).

We also introduced LiveSight, a technology based on a highly accurate, 3D map of the world, which provides the most precise and intuitive augmented reality experience. Nokia City Lens, developed exclusively for Nokia Lumia devices, is the first application using LiveSight.  

I wanted to see what the community had to say about the launch so here is a little round-up of your first reactions:


“iPhone users may find some relief with the recent announcement of the free Nokia HERE Maps for iPhone. This version of Nokia HERE Maps is based on HTML5, which may raise a red flag for those who prefer native applications for performance reasons, but Nokia’s live demonstration looked pretty good – better than using Google Maps in web mode, which we tried during a recent overseas trip”.

The Next Web (great examination of Here across Chrome/Android)

“It’s your turn. HERE is a big enough product that you owe it to yourself to test it. As the Internet goes mobile, mapping has moved from interesting feature to core capability”.

All Things D

“Just from tooling around with Here for a few minutes, it generally knows what you’re looking for before you finish typing, and directions load incredibly fast. At least some of us now have a reprieve from the hellacious Apple Maps nightmare”.

Tech Crunch

“Unlike Apple, which only recently got in to the mapping game, Nokia has been here for years. Nokia Maps has been around in some form or another since 2001. Nokia took Maps over from Gate5 in 2006 via acquisition, and has been improving it ever since”.

My Nokia Blog

“My first impression of “here” is that it’s pretty darn fast; which would of course be due to the fact that it’s all located in the cloud; so no need to communicate with Nokias servers for the data, and it seems Gizmodo agrees with me”.


“Apple Maps sucks hard but Nokia’s navigation solution, a product called Here that was just announced today, is fast as hell. You can try it in on the desktop or in web app form at I wish I had had this over the weekend—I visited San Francisco for the first time and kept forgetting Apple Maps lacks transit directions. And I cried and cried”.

The Gadget Show

Talking Points Memo

Alex Kurys

For more information on Here why not head to @heremaps on Twitter, the YouTube channel or check out more from Nokia Conversations. Let us know if you have any questions or comments below.

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