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Explore the world in 3D on

Pino Bonetti Published by Pino Bonetti December 20, 2012


Explore the world in 3D on


Pino Bonetti Published by Pino Bonetti December 20, 2012

 Explore the world in 3D on

On you can select different views: map view, satellite view and terrain view. But what sets apart are the photorealistic 3D views for 25 cities around the globe. They are not only beautiful, you can search and plan routes without leaving the 3D experience, to better get the feeling for a place.

Additionally, if you are planning a route by car, you can see on a preview completely in 3D of what it will look like to drive to your destination. And if you have those stereoscopic goggles, you can actually enter a whole new dimension. is also providing many useful city facts, weather forecasts and travel suggestions to help you plan your visit. To complete your experience, you can save all the places you discover on in your collections to take them with you.

But let’s have a look at some of my favourite cities around the world that I think you should definitively visit, with the help of our 3D images from

Let’s start with the city where I graduated –  Milan. It has a beautiful Gothic cathedral and mountains in the background. If you climb to the top of the cathedral and you look towards the mountains on a clear day, you can spot the small village I’m from.


Then there is the eternal city Rome. A city full of history. You can see here the ruins of the Colosseum and Imperial Forums, but this is just the tip of the iceberg of the magnificent architecture you can find there. Have a gelato while strolling around.


If I skip Berlin,the city where I currently live, then San Francisco is definitively my favourite city in the world. The weather is great, never too cold or too hot, the food is delicious and the Golden Gate Bridge is almost surreal in its beauty. Take the cable car from Powell to Fisherman’s Wharf for the most touristic experience.

San Francisco

Another very fun city is London. I never get bored there and I can seriously shop until I drop. Just remember that Big Ben is the bell, not the tower.


But probably my European favourite is Stockholm. It’s so beautiful, has lots of design shops and you can find ABBA everywhere. If you love Xmas markets, there is one at the Skansen, the world’s largest open-air museum.


Among my new favourite cities, Melbourne shines for its great restaurants, especially the Italian ones. Sometimes I think that Australia is like a better version of Italy, but with cute animals. Federation Square you can see in 3D on is definitively one of the best spots in Melbourne.


Last but not least the most beautiful city of the southern hemisphere. Someone once told me that Sydney looks better than necessary. Fact is that you cannot ignore the stunning architecture of the opera house and the harbour bridge.


Have you used 3D views on Let us know what are your favourite spots in the comments section below or send a Tweet to @heremaps.

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