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A HERE guide to haunted roads for Halloween

Adam Fraser Published by Adam Fraser October 31, 2013


A HERE guide to haunted roads for Halloween


Adam Fraser Published by Adam Fraser October 31, 2013

All over the world there are roads that, to locals, are riddled in mystery of hauntings that date back hundreds of years.

We’ve taken a look through the HERE maps database to bring you the some of eeriest places that are perfect for visiting this Halloween.


Hangman’s Hill – Essex, UK

We all grow up with an urban legend, and this is mine.

Hangman’s Hill is a stretch of road where your car rolls up hill, rather than down – seemingly defying gravity.

Legend has it that at the end of this road there’s a tree where a man was hanged. The tree still stands today and can be seen at the top of the road in an empty field.

If you stop your car on Hangman’s Hill, turn off the engine, release the handbrake and leave it out of gear, your car will move itself up the hill.

Some say it’s the ghost pulling you closer to him so he can take his revenge.

Devil’s Backbone – Texas, USA

Stretching across several counties, the Devil’s Backbone can be a lonely and remote place at times – especially at night.

In the early settler days, many used this route and the surrounding land saw lots of conflict between numerous groups of people.

Some of the most common sights are a tribe of Native Americans, Confederate Cavalry and the widow of a miner and her child wandering the woods. Sounds of horse hooves are often frequently heard when there are no horses.

Blue Bell Hill – Kent, UK

Apparently, in 1965, a tragic road accident took place involving several people. A woman died on the eve of her wedding.

Rumour has it that this same woman wanders the crash scene spooking motorists.

Often she walks aimlessly into the road, wearing a white wedding dress, looking directly into the eyes of motorists before vanishing.

Others report they’ve picked up a female hitchhiker only for her to disappear into thin air minutes into the journey.

Bloodspoint Road – Illinois, USA

This road, and many of the surrounding ones, are said to be haunted by young children and also a witch.

It’s said that a witch hanged her children in an old farmhouse. Although this farmhouse no longer exists, it can sometimes still be seen through the trees.

Motorists who drive this route witness children standing at the side of the road followed by finding small handprints on their cars.

Gloucester Drive – Finsbury Park, North London, UK

In the early hours on Gloucester Drive, strange noises fill the dark, quiet night.

Footsteps can be heard on one side of the street and then continue on the other side for them to vanish in somebody’s front garden. They stop with the sound of twigs breaking underfoot.

But whose foot? Nobody knows!

Do you know any haunted road stories? Share them with us using the comments section below.

Image credit: Nesster,Plutor

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