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Syncing HERE collections between and WP8

Philip Barker Published by Philip Barker November 11, 2013


Syncing HERE collections between and WP8


Philip Barker Published by Philip Barker November 11, 2013

Nokia’s HERE apps are among the most comprehensive sat-nav and mapping apps around, and they’re not just restricted to your phone.

In fact, you can also use HERE on your computer’s web browser, on your tablet and in your car, syncing favourite destinations thanks to the introduction of the HERE collections feature.

Sometimes it’s just more convenient to use a computer when you’re checking out places on a map. It means a couple of you can see or look for things on the bigger screen, and it’s easier to see all the details and what a route may actually include.


That’s where comes in, letting you browse maps around the world on you computer, and even get directions to different destinations, restaurants and places.

Once you’ve finished, and you have a list of locations you want to visit or include on a route, it’s easy to save them and sync them for use with other devices powered by HERE.

Setting up a new collection

The places you want to save are known as a ‘Collection’, and it makes sense to create a new collection before you start browsing the maps. Click ‘Collections’ from the tab at the top of the page, and then press the ‘New collection’ button.

You can name your new collection, and even give it a description – places you want to visit in Europe, cities that friends live in, football grounds you’ve visited, for example.

At the top of, there’s a search function to find somewhere specific, or you can also zoom into the map to see places in more detail. When you have somewhere you want to save, right click on it, and then press ‘Collect this location’.

Accessing more details

If you search for a specific location you may be offered more details, a photograph or even a phone number. Once again click ‘Collect’ to save the location. Once you’ve picked a place, select the name of your collections folder, and press ‘Done’.


The places you’ve saved will automatically appear under your collections folder, and it’s easy to click on any of them to get directions. The ability to sync with other devices is the exciting bit, however, so let’s see what happens when you use the HERE apps for Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

Start by opening HERE Maps. Once you’ve logged in, your collections will sync automatically, with locations appearing on the map the first time it opens. Click the star button at the bottom right to view your collections, and tap the folder name you’ve just created on your computer.


Directions to a location

This will give you the details of the places you saved, and you can click on any one of them for more information. Click ‘Get directions’ to see a route – if you intend to walk there it’s easy to follow the directions in HERE Maps, but you can also get turn-by-turn navigation for your car or instructions for public transit.

Just swipe to the car tab and select ‘start Navigation’ if you want to switch to HERE Drive, and the app automatically starts up offering a route to your selected destination. All you need to do is press ‘Start’.

If you swipe to the train option (if available), you can tap on ‘get more routes’ and open HERE Transit to choose the best way to get there by public transit.

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