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The Nokia 1100 might look fairly anonymous but this humble GSM handset is actually the single most popular piece of electronics ever made (and we’ve got a bit of a soft spot for it here on Conversations – read about The 1100 Club). Since its launch in 2003, over 200 million 1100s have been sold worldwide, which equates to around a million phones for each week of its lifetime. The reasons for its global popularity aren’t tough to see. The candybar 1100 is simply a supremely functional phone, with reliable dual-band GSM voice calls, SMS messaging (and predictive text), vibration alert, alarm, stopwatch and calculator. The 1100 was built for a worldwide audience, and so sports a sealed keypad and non-slip sides for dusty and wet climates, plus a built-in torch for countries lacking widespread street lighting. The 1100 is all about the basics done brilliantly.