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You’ve just taken the first step towards joining the world’s coolest community of smartphone creatives, explorers and go-getters! Getting a two-week trial of Lumia lushness is simple. Just let us know who you are, what great project you’re working on and how a Lumia could add to its finish. Regardless of whether you’re a tech blogger looking to do a review or a skateboarder eager to document a new trick, if we like what we hear we’ll be in touch.

And it doesn’t stop there. Once you’re part of the Lumia Voices community, you’ll be part of a movement that spans the globe. We’re here, there and everywhere doing mind-blowing mobile magic 24/7. To get a taster, check out our blog where we showcase the best of the best. Or for an even more regular hit of Lumia love, follow us on Twitter, where we share and care for the Lumia massive, worldwide. Tips, tricks, photos and films, you name it. If it’s done with a Lumia, we tweet it. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and let’s do something amazing together.

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  • And don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear back from us immediately. We only respond to people once their application is successful, but you could still be considered for a trial at a later date.



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